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No matter your artistic experience, you can easily create a stunning piece of art with the help of digital painting kits. All it takes is following some basic instructions, understanding which colors to match with specific numbers, and learning how to use the three standard brushes in the set. With just a little bit of guidance and practice, anyone could produce an exquisite work of art!

Painting doesn't have to be intimidating or difficult - with a Paint by Numbers kit, even beginners can experience the joy and satisfaction of creating something beautiful. You don't need many materials: all you need is the kit, some water, and cloths or tissues to keep your hands clean while painting. Get ready to make something amazing!

In this article, we'll reveal the techniques and tips for improving your digital paintings to make them more eye-catching and polished. We'll cover topics such as selecting colors, adding proper shading and perspective, working with layers, using the right tools and much more. By the end of this article, you'll have the knowledge of how to create professional quality digital art that stands out from the competition.

Some Tips to Make Your Paint by Numbers Look Better

Become a better artist painting by numbers

The Digital Painting Kit is an invaluable tool for artists of all levels, especially beginners. It allows you to practice important artistic skills such as paint control, brush skills, understanding shape dynamics, and combining colors in a visually pleasing manner. As your drawing comes together, you will be able to build up both your technical proficiency and self-confidence with each new step.

Some easy ways to make your paint by numbers better

So, if you're wondering how to make digital painting more realistic, let's take a look at our foolproof digital painting tips and tricks.

Tip 1 - Invest in a high-quality paint by numbers kit

Paint by numbers kits are a great way to get started with painting without having to worry about choosing colors or getting the proportions right. All you need to do is follow the numbered instructions and fill in the corresponding colors. These kits usually come with everything you need, including the paint, the canvas, the brushes, and the numbers.

Investing in a high-quality paint by numbers kit is a great way to get started with painting. These kits usually come with everything you need, including the paint, the canvas, the brushes, and the numbers. Plus, they're a great way to learn the basics of painting without having to worry about choosing colors or getting the proportions right.

Tip 2 - Choose the right image to paint

When choosing an image to paint, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, think about the style of painting you want to create. Do you want a realistic style or a more abstract style? This will help you narrow down the type of image you're looking for.

Next, think about the colors you want to use in your painting. When looking at an image, pay attention to the overall color palette and see if it appeals to you. You might also think about the emotion you want to evoke with your painting.

Tip 3 - Level up your blending game

The blending technique is one of the key components of painting. This process entails creating gradual shifts from different colors, generally done when the paint is still wet to facilitate mixing. However, for mediums such as acrylic that dry rapidly relative to other materials including oil and watercolor, it can be a challenge to successfully blend the paints.

As an artist, learning this technique is essential as it gives your paintings smooth, seamless results with soft lines and edges. In this article, we'll share some tips and tricks on how to create stunning concoctions that will impress your friends and family.

One of the most important things to remember when mixing is to use fresh, high-quality ingredients. This will have a big impact on the taste and texture of the final product. Another great tip is to experiment with different ratios of ingredients until you find a combination you like. Finally, don't be afraid to experiment with different flavor combinations. The sky's the limit when it comes to creating unique and delicious concoctions.

Tip 4 - Please study the color theory

Color theory is the art and science of how we perceive, visualize and use color. By understanding the color wheel, artists can mix colors to create new ones. This is essential for painting as it allows a wider range of colors to be used in the painting. Additionally, understanding color theory can help artists create more harmonious color schemes in their paintings.

All artists should learn some basic principles of color theory. These include primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Additionally, an artist should understand color temperature and how it can be used to create different effects in a painting. By understanding these basic concepts, artists will be able to create more detailed and realistic artwork.

Tips and tricks when working with colors in Paint by Numbers

For light-colored surfaces, a white paint pen can be used to mask any numbers that may be visible from the back of the surface. This will reduce the visibility of any writing on the other side. For best results, it is recommended to start with erasing one number at a time.

To ensure maximum efficiency and quality, it is recommended to paint one figure at a time. Additionally, when not in use, it is important to keep paint cans properly sealed so that the paint does not dry out.

Expert tip: For an easier and more precise approach to painting, try dipping only the tip of the brush into paint. This will reduce the chances of a mess while also ensuring accurate strokes that require less paint.

Begin by getting the large areas done, and finish with the smaller ones in order of increasing detail.

The best way to ensure that no smudging will occur is to read or write in a left-to-right and top-to-bottom direction. Doing this will minimize the chance of any smudging.

For the best results, start by painting the darker areas of the surface first. Then, move on to brushing or rolling on lighter hues. This will create a more blended and seamless finish.

Please study the color theory

Tip 5  Give paint by numbers an extra coat

Several coats of paint can optionally be applied to some parts. These extra layers make the whole painting look more refined. Adding successive layers to your painting can bring dimension and depth, and create texture and shadow.

Paint layers are essential in creating an even, smooth final product. The first coat is to generally block out the canvas and provide a base layer. Subsequent coats help add in color, create a flat finish and obscure smaller details or figures in the painting. By layering these different hues, you can get an even and aesthetically pleasing final result.

Tip 6 Earn how to blend the edges with acrylic paint

In this tutorial, we'll provide a step-by-step guide on how to blend acrylic paints for a professional finish. With this method, you can create seamless edges and smooth transitions between different colors in your painting.

First, mix a small amount of paint of each color on the palette. Then, using your paintbrush, paint in small strokes on your paper. Next, using a clean brush, blend the edges of the strokes together. Keep adding paint and mixing until you are satisfied with the result.

Tip 7 - Add a frame to your Paint by Numbers canvas

Adding a frame to your Paint by Numbers canvas is a great way to give it a finished look and protect it from wear and tear. Frames can also be used to display your canvas in different ways, such as hanging it on a wall or placing it on a shelf.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a frame for your canvas. The first is the size of the frame. Be sure to measure your canvas and choose a frame that is slightly larger so the canvas will fit snugly inside. Second is the type of frame. There are many different types of frames to choose from, so do some research to find one that suits your style.


Painting by numbers is a great way to get into painting, and combining a few simple techniques can dramatically improve the quality and visual appeal of your digital creations. By following these tips, you can elevate your work from mere copy to a stunning masterpiece that reflects your personal style and creativity.

Experimenting with different techniques can also add interest and uniqueness to your compositions. Try dry brushing to create texture or glaze for subtle transitions between colors. These techniques can bring your digital paintings to life and give them a personal touch.

If you are an artist who likes to paint by numbers, please visit our store. Please contact us with any comments, questions or concerns. We're happy to help.

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